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Radstars Offers Temporary  Services and Permanent Placements in the following Modalities.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

CT Technologists


MRI phot.jpg

MRI Technologists


X ray photo_.jpg

X-Ray Technologist


CT Scan

Nuclear Medicine


Screenshot 2024-03-16 at 9.27_edited.jpg

Radiation Therapist


Male Nurse_edited_edited.jpg
female nurse_edited.jpg

Its just makes sense.

Choose efficiency without compromising integrity. With Radstars, you get a staffing service that prioritizes quality care while streamlining your operations. Trust Radstars to uphold the integrity of your department while delivering top-notch care to your patients. Elevate your healthcare staffing experience with Radstars today.


Signing Contract

No Contract Surprises.

Get a contract tailored for you, On the spot.

Your dedicated ASA-certified account manager will guide you step-by-step through your 30 min consultation. Rest assured, we prioritize transparency and clarity, ensuring you fully understand every aspect before it reaches your legal department for review. Experience peace of mind with Radstars. Join us today.


Pick Candidates from Our Radstars Ready Selection.

Make finding your next Radstar Easy.

Simplify candidate selection with Radstars Ready profiles. Access pre-screened candidates ready to meet your staffing needs seamlessly. Choose efficiency and quality with Radstars Ready. Partner with us today.

Automated operations.

In 2024, manual paperwork for timesheets and invoices is a thing of the past. With Radstars, embrace the future of automated operations. Say goodbye to paper trails and manual matching – our streamlined system ensures accuracy and efficiency every step of the way. Make the switch to Radstars and experience the ease of modern staffing solutions.

Candidate Portal Mock up.png

1.)  Timesheet Verification

Ensuring Accuracy Every Step of the Way. Our automated system verifies timesheets, notifying designated employee supervisors instantly upon logging. Stay informed and in control with Radstars. Experience efficiency and peace of mind today.

Save Money On Top Talent !

Radstars charges standard low flat rate fees on all  contracts.

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Enter Your info then check your email to get access.

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